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Starting a New Fasting Journey

Lent began this week, and I'm embarking on another fast of sorts. I did a spending fast based on Seven from Jen Hatmaker in August and it was great. Not super fun, but I grew a lot. So I'm trying out another fast inspired by Hatmaker. For 40 days, I'm limiting my clothes. In her book, Hatmaker limits herself to 7 articles of clothing. That's just too few for me, though. I work in an office and can't wear a single pair of jeans every day. Plus, I live in Illinois . . . and it's February. So I've limited myself to 15 pieces. And while this is still a lot of clothes, I'm embarrassed by how many clothes aren't part of this number. Reallyembarrassed. I've realized lately how much mental space I devote to making decisions--lots and lots of decisions each and every day. And with important things that actually need that mental space, I need to cut out the clutter. I need to rediscover a simpler way of living. And I figured a great way to do that was by limiting my clothing. I'll post about my progress along the way, but in the meantime I came across this excellent Christianity Today article about how we can become imprisoned by too many choices, and I can't help but recommend it. Enjoy!

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